Oval nameplates

Oval nameplates

Staff nameplates

Elegant and exclusive nameplates, offered in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. The different finishes used bring a certain elegance to, and enhance the company’s brand image.

Oval nameplates manufactured from different materials: aluminium, methacrylate, brass, stainless steel, bi-layer plastic, etc. Printed using screen printing, digital printing, chemical or screen engraving. Possibility of resin drop finish.

We use a high resolution system which enables us to provide extraordinary quality, long-lasting prints for outdoor or indoor use.

Standard sizing 59x34 mm and 69x40 mm. Possibility of doing another die cut measurement.

Personalised with Name and Position

Personalised using pantograph, laser or other types of engraving or using the Dymo transparent tape system so the name can be easily changed.

T-Identifica uses different fastening systems for the nameplates (pin, magnet, clip and pin, magnetic clip “Star Clip”, etc.).

Our logistics service offers our clients the maximum level of security in packaging and deliveries, ensuring to always meet the established deadlines.